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9 July 2019 · Car Safety and Advice

The First Time Car Buyers Guide

Purchasing a brand new car is like reaching a new level as a young adult and Australians are going to get to this point one way or the other. With the prices of cars these days becoming even more appealing, it’s no wonder many are seeking to get a ride whenever they can.


However, the task of buying a car still isn’t an easy one for first time car buyers despite how some may claim it to be. There are many things to think about and not simply deciding on the model or dealership to buy from. Let’s find out more below.


Getting Started: Your First Steps

To prepare yourself for the task of buying your first car in NSW, you need to set your budget straight first of all. Make sure that your financing is flexible but you should have a maximum price in mind so you can stick with something tangible. For your maximum price, it should include everything that comes with purchasing a new car with on-road and add-on expenses considered.


The next thing you need to do is to research what kind of car would meet your demands while making sure you’re able to afford the cost to keep it running. Stick shift cars are often cheaper compared to automatic transmission ones and won’t cost as much when repairs are needed.


The vehicle’s size is also something to consider depending on your goals. If you’re expecting more passengers, then a sedan or a wagon would do you good. A two-door coupe is also suitable for people who prefer the sleek and stylish design these types have to offer. Although the car you choose isn’t going to be the best for all situations, it’s still nice to go with the one that will give you the most benefits in the long run.


Another thing to brainstorm on is the fuel costs it can have moving forward. You can expect lower expenses on fuel if you’re going with a vehicle that uses a diesel engine. However, there are instances where such cars can turn out to be more expensive overall in comparison to the petrol-run models. You should think about the maintenance when talking about ongoing cost since there are models that come with parts that are pricier than others.


Research is Key for First Time Car Buyers

As hinted earlier, a lot of things depend on doing the right research beforehand. You should know which make and model you’re going after even before you visit a dealership. Think about what you want when buying your first car in NSW, how you’re going to use it and what aspects about it are essential for you. Ask yourself questions like these:


·         Will I be using it for off-road trips or just sending the children to school?

·         Do I need a powerful engine or am I more into fuel economy?

·         Is size more important or is safety paramount?


Prepare a list of everything you’re considering and check which vehicles are able to meet these areas. You want to come down to only those crucial features that you really want in a car and not let emotion dictate how you make your decision.


It’s far more important to have a vehicle that you enjoy than choosing one that you’ll end up regretting later on.


With that out of the way, it’s time to decide whether you’re getting a brand new car or a second-hand vehicle.


Tips When Buying a Brand New Car

When you decide to purchase a new car, one of the factors that intimidate many people is the prospect of facing a car dealership. This can be the part that can make or break your purchasing journey, especially if you haven’t done the research suggested earlier.


Equipped with the knowledge on what you want, you can enter a dealership confidently and not get tricked into getting a car you don’t know about. Going in prepared will also give you a stronger position when negotiating with the salespeople, which then lets you dictate the terms that can give you better pricing afterwards.


Furthermore, don’t fall for getting extras that aren’t necessary. There are many who’d entice you to buy things such as accessories that you really don’t have a need for, and you’ll just end up regretting it if you do buy them.


Tips for Second-Hand Car Buying

Buying a second-hand vehicle isn’t easier than a new one and it also comes with its own difficulties. Once again, doing your research is of utmost importance here. This is especially true since you have to consider things like the size, model, capacity and more when making the right decision.


Specifically, you’d like to know the condition of the car before you put money down so make sure you inspect it. For first time car buyers, you can always hire a reputable mechanic to do this for you. They will then give you a report of the vehicle on hand and may even provide you with advice on whether you should get it or not.


Knowing the history of the vehicle you want is also important. Doing so will provide you with insights into the problems you could be faced with when using it down the road. The things that you learn here may also be an indication of whether you should go with the current price being offered. Vehicles that had a lot of previous owners and mileage means it has gone through a tough life, while those that only had a single owner and low mileage may be more reasonable to get.


All in all, buying a used car will depend on your budget and the aspects that you consider important in a vehicle. Research is perhaps the most essential part that needs to be done well in order to guarantee success.


Moreover, you should be making the decision for yourself since you’re the one who’ll end up using it most of the time. It’s always more fun for first time car buyers to get a vehicle they’ll love than one they’ll hate down the line.