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13 March 2019 · Car Safety and Advice

Why It’s a Good Time To Buy A New Car

Purchasing a brand new car is no walk in the park. A lot of factors need to be considered during this time like which vehicle would best suit your lifestyle and budget. But these things shouldn’t be the only one occupying your mind. You also have to consider the time you decide to visit a showroom to check on a car as this can significantly change how their models are priced.

By giving things a bit of thought and by being patient, buying a car can be easier and cheaper for you. You will need to look at the time of the year, month and day so you can have an advantage in the market. Check out these tips below.

End of the Day

People who have a job are quite aware that the last few hours before the day ends is when people start getting excited to go home. The same is true with those who work in local Toyota dealers. If you’ve done your research beforehand and secured your finances, you can easily go in an hour before a shop closes and snag a nice deal.

If you go in at the right time, the salespeople wouldn’t want to draw out a lengthy sales process. Many would take it easy on you as long as you have all of your essentials lined up. It’s important to know what car you want if the vehicle is available in the dealership and so on. The majority of sales personnel would be more open to accommodate your haggling at this time but such motivation can easily slide away if you aren’t fully prepared!

End of the Month

Another thing that you should consider is that there will always be a human element in every transaction with Toyota dealers in Sydney. That is why you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve in order to get the best deals out of equally experienced salespersons. Of course, timing is very important to achieve success here too.

You should consider buying a new car at the end of the month or quarter. Many sales teams are usually assessed depending on how they perform and achieve their quotas. Depending on whether they have reached their targets when the end of the month is closing in, they may be more open to giving discounts to meet their objectives.

This knowledge can give you the edge over a salesperson, who may be a bit desperate in finalizing a few more deals. A smart buyer who comes in at the perfect time of the month can nudge a sales individual to drive the price at a much affordable state because of this.

End of the Fiscal Year

As you can see, there are quite a few times in a year that one can get a car at a good price. But one of the most important is when the end of the fiscal year happens and everything that goes with it. Every time the fiscal year ends, there are many special deals and savings that car dealerships put out to encourage people to buy at reduced prices.

This is because the end of the fiscal year can make or break the sales quotas of Toyota dealers in Sydney. This is also a good reason they try to cut down on prices and advertise more during this time.

For customers, this is a great thing as obtaining lower prices is much easier and the market becomes competitive for a while. This is the best time for you to take your time, do some needed research and compare deals for the vehicle you’re interested in. You may even find a dealer that is able to match the price of their competitor by way of providing warranties or additional financing options.

End and Start of the Calendar Year

The end of the fiscal year is a good time to get discounts but there are also two other times that you’d want to consider buying a car. These are the end and of the year and the start of a new one. In some cases, these can be much better than the end of the fiscal year sales.

During these times, car dealers will be doing their best to sell older models to make way for the newer ones. Selling a car during these two periods will be hard since many have already allocated their funds for the holidays. This is one of the reasons why auto dealerships are keener to give buyers discounts and lower-priced deals when you buy at the end or start of the calendar year.

A Model Run Out

Lastly, you might want to check out a car dealership when they’re having a model run out. This is when a previous model’s demand has slowed down and the market for the upgraded versions are starting to ramp up.

For buyers, this is the right time to check for a discount. It’s possible to negotiate for a good price on older models that don’t have the added bonuses of the upgraded designs. Dealers will be more open to lowering their prices especially since they also have to clear out their inventory to give way for the newer models.

So long as you’re confident in buying the older model, the arrival of a newer one will eventually drive prices down on the one you want. Make sure that you’re positive about your decision and push on getting a discount firmly. You should be able to get the bargain you’re looking for with the right attitude.

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