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22 May 2016 · Car Servicing and Repairs

Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Costs of Vehicle Maintenance for the Budget Conscious

Vehicle Maintenance CostsWhen it comes time to upgrade your car, there is a question every buyer asks themselves - new or used? These three little words are asked even before we start to think about makes and models.

Well the key to answering this question, especially when your budget is tight, is to look at cost – no, we're not talking about upfront costs, but rather the long-term maintenance costs associated with your car.

New Car vs. Used Car

Yes, you will no doubt be spending more upfront when buying a brand new vehicle instead of a pre-owned one, but the long-term lifetime ownership costs can be much lower. Not only are your chances of your car breaking down or parts failing significantly lower, but if you are unlucky, most parts and labour costs are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

If you are considering a used car, be sure to check the log book and ensure that the car has all of the necessary servicing performed by certified repairers – after all, A well-maintained car should last longer, run smoother and be safer. Additionally, depending on the age of your car, it may be covered under an existing warranty.

Toyota vs. Other Brands

Why should you choose Toyota for your next car? Well, for one, based on the survey conducted by Consumer Reports (, the Toyota models are among the least expensive cars to own, taking into consideration depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, interest, repairs and maintenance.

Specifically, the report identifies Prius C, Corolla Base, Yaris Hatchback, Corolla LE under the Small Cars category and Camry Hybrid and Camry under the Family Sedans as among the most affordable cars with a low cost per year over 5 years. Other low-cost vehicles include the 4-cycle RAV4 (SUV), Prius V (Minivan) and Tacoma V6 (Pickup Truck).

Toyota itself is proud of its legendary focus on durability, quality, safety and reliability of their vehicles. Moreover, the Toyota team is constantly innovating, testing and refining to provide you with new and improved cars.

The best part about Toyota is that you won't just own a new car; you will also be having a professional team dedicated to protect and take care of you and your car.

In essence, you'll typically save a lot more compared to other brands when it comes to your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs. In fact, Toyota establishes a set of low-capped prices on service costs across every range depending on the age of the car or the distance travelled.

At Brian Hilton, we have an experienced, well-trained team knowledgeable on the minute details of any Toyota model as well as specialist diagnostic equipment for Toyota cars. Have peace of mind knowing that we'll take care of your car the right way!

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