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2 July 2019 · Car Servicing and Repairs

Wheels and Tyres Service

For those of you who are looking to get an up-size for their wheels or simply want to change how they look, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on. You might think that a wheel is just a rounded object that fits your tyres but it can actually affect many things when driving your car.


Below are some quick tips on how to choose the ideal aftermarket wheels for your vehicle.


Consider Your Wheels’ Stud Pattern

Putting on a new set of wheels isn’t like buying and wearing a new shoe – it’s also not as easy as choosing the right look and size that fits. There are different mounting points on a wheel’s hub which will be different across manufacturers.


The stud patterns can often be found in the vehicle manual or engraved on the wheels themselves. Taking these into consideration is important because buying wheels that follow a different pattern won’t fit in the wheel hub of your car.


Choose Wheels of Adequate Size and Weight

Many people buy aftermarket wheels because they want to give their vehicle a sportier and bigger look. Some may even think about improving their car’s handling. Although larger wheels may look tougher, choosing them can compromise the ride safety and comfort of your vehicle.


Aside from that, a combination of both big wheels and tyres will make them heavier and will weight down your suspension which can lead to rougher driving. It’s important that you check the weight of the wheels you wish to buy. A few kilos here and there may not be too much but it can affect the car’s handling tremendously.


Purchase from Respectable Wheel and Tyre Retailers

Lastly, you will want to buy from a reputable wheel and tyre shop at the end of the day. Although it may sound tempting to get very cheap wheels from one vendor, it might be a good idea to avoid them. This is especially true since many of these products are of low quality and do not meet Australian standards. Although imitations may look and feel the same, these are often not tested for strength nor quality which are both important qualities for a solid set of wheels.


Aside from that, going with replica wheels can put you and your passengers’ lives at risk as they are prone to accidents. Poorly made wheels can shatter altogether and can be quite uncontrollable when it happens.


Why Choose Us for Your Wheels and Tyres?

At Brian Hilton, we aim to be one of the top providers of wheels and tyres in Sydney today. Our goal is to create and develop long relationships with all of our customers and to give them the best advice and products for their needs. The expert and well-trained team members that we have are happy to serve you!


The Treadwell Quality Tyres we offer has all of your wheel and tyre needs covered in the Central Coast. You can choose products for cars, SUVs, 4WDs and even light trucks when you visit the shop. If you want to know more, send us a message or come check us out now!