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24 November 2015 · New Cars

Buying a Car - New or Used?

Buying a Car - New or Used

Whether you are looking to upgrade your car or even buying your very first car, you are faced with a variety of choices to make, from price, model, engine size, styling, and added features to name but a few. It can be quite a daunting process as you want to make sure you find the car that is right for you. One of the best and simplest places to start is the age-old question – should I get a new or used car?

There are pros and cons to either choice and being aware of these is the first step to making your car buying process much easier and less risky. To help you get started we have created a table which highlights the advantages and disadvantages of your choice. Bear in mind that although the advantages seem to favour buying a new car, the pros of a used car are big ones.


Pros & Cons When Choosing Between New and Used Cars

New Car Pre-owned Car
Price A new car is more expensive. A used cars is more affordable compared to a new car. A lower price often allows customers to choose a later model.
Depreciation New cars depreciate and can lose 40% of their value within the first 3 years. Used cars do not suffer value the minute you drive off the lot.
Insurance Rates Typically higher as insurance rates depend on the age of car.

Lower ongoing costs.

Safety A new car comes with the latest safety features (brake assist, airbags, blind-spot monitoring, etc) due to ever-improving safety laws. Older model used cars have basic safety features, though the latest features can be added at your expense.
Performance A new car has a smooth performance on the road. The performance depends on how the engine has been maintained over time.
Fuel Efficiency A lot of new cars are now more fuel efficient, thanks to continuous R&D in the automotive industry. There are plenty of fuel efficient pre-owned cars. Good research must be done in order to get the best deal.
Add-on Features A new car is installed with the latest technology and features (GPS, touchscreen, reversing cameras, etc).

Similar accessories are available but need to be paid for by you.

Peace of Mind New cars are less likely to break down and typically dealers provide cover for 3 to 5 years aand 60,000 to 100,000km. Used cars can come with a warranty but often as an extra payment by the buyer.
Emotional This is a car just for you. It’s new, untouched and has that new car smell. Used cars tell their own story. Research is the key.

Good luck down whatever road you choose and remember, if you have any questions on buying a car, stop by and visit one of our two Brian Hilton Toyota dealers and chat to one of our sales consultants today.