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8 March 2019 · New Cars

Choosing the Right Size Toyota For You

The act of buying Toyota cars for sale Sydney for the first time is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Yet this doesn’t automatically mean that the process will be an easy one. There are hundreds of choices to look into and many things to consider. Since getting a new vehicle isn’t something a person can do every day, it’s obviously important that you get the most value out of your purchase.

So how can one choose the best type of car for their needs? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the different types of vehicles available today.

Common Types of Vehicles


This type of vehicle offers five total seating spaces on two rows, with four passenger doors included. Its rear seats have sufficient space to fit two adults or three small kids. It has a cargo compartment that is often separated from the cabin with a windowless lid. Sedans are perhaps the most common vehicle types sold on the market, which made them a standard to judge all vehicles.


These are also passenger vehicles that have a rear door or hatch which is capable of lifting upwards so people can access its compartment. The majority of hatchbacks offer five seating spaces on two rows just like a sedan but can be available in two or four-door designs.


These two-door passenger cars come with a fixed roof and are smaller than a hatchback or sedan. They are capable of having either two or five spaces for seating on one or two rows.


A convertible is a car that has a retractable roof which allows people to change between an enclosed or open-air mode. Convertibles and coupes are more suited towards single individuals and couples.

Pickup Truck

People that are looking to load up on a lot of cargo will usually go with pickup trucks as they can be very useful in such scenarios. Pickups are also ideal in hauling other things such as a trailer or a vehicle due to their engine power and size.

Sports Utility Vehicle

Also known as SUV, this automobile is known for its cargo and cabin space capacity. Depending on how it is configured, SUVs can have up to eight seats on two or three rows in its entire interior compartment.

Station Wagon

Just like a sedan, a station wagon has an extended roof that covers the cargo and cabin area of the vehicle. This kind of roof styling lets the vehicle put in more items in the back while keeping them safe from the external environment. Station wagons are like hatchbacks in that their rear door can be accessed to store additional cargo.

Assess Your Needs

If you’re not yet sure what kind of car would fit your needs, it’s important that you ask yourself some questions before heading to the nearest Toyota dealership. Here are some examples below.

How Many Passengers Will I Be Transporting?

The standard of vehicles today can carry, at most, five individuals. If you’re looking to transport more people, you should consider getting a station wagon or an SUV rather than a sedan. There are also some SUV models that have a third seating row that’s more suitable for children.

Cars that have a two-door design may look sleek and sporty, but you should consider how often you’ll be using the rear seats. The reason for this is because passengers who’ll be sitting here will have to turn, twist and stoop down just to get inside, while the front seat is folded. Imagine that!

How Much Cargo Will I Be Carrying?

If you won’t be carrying much, a hatchback or a sedan fits the daily activities of a regular person quite well. For those that plan to do outdoor activities and a lot of hauling, you might want to get an SUV or a station wagon for that.

Alternatively, a pickup truck can also be used to carry heavier loads and are also much more suitable for off-roading.

Manual or Automatic?

The number of automatic transmission vehicles is starting to ramp up nowadays in comparison to the manual choices. A lot of automatics can also have a manual-shift mode which works just like a manual transmission minus the clutch.

Still, it’s important to know what kind of car when it comes to its transmission type you’re looking for. Some say that stick shifts are more fun while automatic models make it easier to wade through traffic jams. The choice will ultimately depend on what you see fit for your style.

Engine Size is Important Too

Your vehicle’s engine size is going to depend on the type of activities you’ll be doing. Having a huge supercharged V8 engine can be ideal for speed but it can consume too much fuel for day-to-day routines. On the other hand, going for a sedan with a smaller engine would be cheaper but won’t be as good at towing heavy items if needed.

Choosing the engine is also going to depend on the kind of car you’re interested in. A big SUV will require an equally larger unit in order to keep up while a compact car can feel quite speedy even if it uses a 1.0-liter engine.

There are also the bigger 3.0-liter diesel engines which often feel smoother compared to the regular 2.0 models. Many say that they are also a lot faster thanks to its additional torque. Engines this huge make them ideal for towing heavy trailers or even other vehicles. You can usually find them in SUVs and pickup trucks.


There are several factors that you have to consider when it comes to selecting the right vehicle size for your needs. It’s important to equip yourself with the right information and to come prepared when visiting your nearest Toyota dealership, for example, when buying a car.

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