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4 January 2019 · New Cars

The Used Car Buying Guide

Before you contact any sellers, it is important to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge about the used car that you plan to buy. Get an idea of what its price range is going to be. You can ask your friends for tips and leads as they can help, especially the ones who have dealt with second-hand vehicles before. 

You can also join car forums, especially the one that has your target model and ask away.

Compare Prices On Used Cars

While going through the various used vehicles sellers and websites, it is important that you jot down a price comparison for the model you’re interested in. You should also look into the features offered by cheaper units. The reasoning behind this is because one might interest you despite having a high mileage or is an older model than the one you want.


Plan a Reasonable Budget

Besides planning for the price of the used car that you wish to buy, you should also allocate funds for replacement and repair costs that may come afterwards. Experts suggest setting aside an amount that is equivalent to at least 20% of the car’s price. 


Inspect the Used Car Thoroughly

You should never agree to buy used vehicles without inspecting its crucial parts yourself. Make sure you are as meticulous as you can be. Don’t just look at the body of the car, but also look out for warning signs such as:


  • There’s filler present on the engine block
  • Paint quality is inconsistent
  • There are touch-ups that cover bent or scratched area
  • Tires do not match
  • Present components fail to respond properly

If you aren’t confident with your inspection skills, you can always take the vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic and let him check it out for you.

Make Sure You Do a Test Drive

After passing visual inspection, the next step you should take is to test drive the unit. It is always important to bring the car out for a spin, and if the seller refuses, you should walk away. You will want to make sure that the used vehicle you buy can fulfil your requirements and not cause problems for you down the road.



There are many things to remember when buying used vehicles especially with the number of buyers and sellers right now. But the good thing is that there are experts like us who can guide you through the process.


If you’re interested in checking out some of the best used cars in NSW, come and visit our shop or send us a message to learn more!