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14 October 2016 · New Cars

Toyota: The Dependable Car

Brian Hilton Toyota
Brian Hilton Toyota

When the salesman talks to you about dependability, many would - be new car owners nod their head, without feeling confident enough to really ask what dependability means. Well to help people understand car dependability, a good measure is to understand the annual J.D. Power and Associates' Vehicle Dependability Study – an industry benchmark since 1990, which focuses on problems experienced by original owners of 3 year old cars.

This study me asures car reliability by analysing problems experienced over the past 12 months of ownership in such areas as: features and controls; engine and transmission; entertainment and navigation; heating and cooling; the overall driving experience, and more. In the dependability methodology. Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality.

The good news for Toyota fans is that Toyota continues to be ranked as one of the most dependable vehicles, ranking third highest in terms of overall vehicle dependability with a rating of 111 PP100 (111 problems experienced per 100 vehicles) versus the 89 PP100 rating of the brand on the number one spot. The industry average is at 147 PP100.

For individual models, Toyota Corolla is ranked the highest in terms of vehicle dependability among compact cars, with the Toyota Yaris ranking highly. Other trustworthy cars were the Camry for mid - sized cars and the Avalon if you are eyeing a large car for the family. When it comes to minivans, Toyota Sienna is considered to be the most dependable among other cars in the same range. There are also many reliable Toyota cars you can find when you prefer a pick - up, an SUV or an MPV.

What's great about buying a Toyota is that your family won't just get a new car; you also have a new family dedicated to providing you and your vehicle the best products and services. And that's us here at Brian Hilton Toyota! Even when you're still deciding what model to choose, we will be here to assist you especially when it comes to insurance and financing. And throughout the life of your Toyota vehicle, we are hoping to be by your side.

Our team of friendly professionals are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable on every model of Toyota; giving you a peace of mind knowing that we can provide you with the best long - term solutions to you maintenance, repair and servicing needs. We also have specialised equipment to ensure the best diagnostic and services are provided. And what's more is that being an authorised Toyota dealer, we offer genuine car parts to ensure your vehicle
stays in tip - top condition!

With the Toyota units being ranked among the top vehicles in terms of dependability and matched with the high quality services by Brian Hilton Toyota, there is definitely nothing for you to worry about!