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4 September 2019 · Used Cars

Should You Sell Your Car Privately or with a Dealer?

If you have a car that you plan to sell soon, among the most crucial decisions that you need to make is whether you will be selling it privately or through a car dealership. These two options come with its own pros and cons, but it seems selling to a dealer is the more profitable choice right now.


Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should go with a dealership when selling your used car.


Reason #1: Time and Money


When you sell your vehicle privately, you will actually be spending more time and effort going through all the processes with another person. Just imagine all of the steps you need to take such as getting a roadworthy certificate and additional repairs needed to meet safety standards.


Aside from that you also have to advertise the car and so great images of it are needed to get people interested. Once a potential customer has contacted you then you’ll have to take them to do a test drive, negotiate pricing and lastly transfer the registration to their name.


All of that can be avoided when you sell to a dealer. You simply have to bring your vehicle along with the required documentation. In as less as 30 minutes, you can walk out of the store with money already in your hands. There’s no appointment needed, and the process is free of haggles.


Reason #2: Security


Besides kicking tyres, there’s also the possibility that someone with harmful intentions would want to come and ‘take a look at your car’. You give your contact info, have them over in your house, show them what your car looks like, but they aren’t interested in all that. The following day you realise your home has been burglarised or possibly took your car for a test drive and never came back. Then there’s also the scenario where a person gets aggressive because they spent so much time checking out your car only to end up with a deal that they don’t like.


When you choose to sell at a dealership, you won’t encounter any of these issues. This is especially true when you’re actually dealing with a reputable firm that has rules and standards they need to abide to. Aside from that, you are also protected by the law, so you know these establishments won’t mess around.


Reason #3: Potential Trade-In


After selling your car privately, most people would want to get a new one right after that. Obviously, you’ll still have to visit a dealership because that’s where you’ll most likely find the car you want. And once they ask you for a trade-in, you don’t have anything to offer because you just sold it to someone else.


When trading in a used vehicle to a dealership, you will oftentimes have room for negotiations to happen. Many people have ended up getting a good price for their used cars this way and also bought a new one at the same time. This allows you to visit a dealer and offer them something in return for your purchase.


The Benefits in Selling Your Used Car to a Dealership


Now that you’ve learned some good reasons why you should sell to a dealership, it’s time you take a look at the advantages you can get when doing so right now.


Same Day Cash


Many customers are often facing monetary issues when they decide to sell their car. That is why having cash upfront can be quite useful for their situations. This is also a possibility when you choose to sell to a dealership. Most of the time these establishments provide good value for your vehicle and you will even receive the money on the same day.


These dealers are serious, and they will even help in facilitating the entire buying and selling process to make it go smoother. So besides getting cash on hand right away, it’s also a lot less hassle than doing it yourself.


Time Saver


As hinted earlier, selling to an auto dealer can help people save time. These dealers are certified, insured and are capable of buying and selling vehicles at any given time. That is why the process of selling to a dealership is usually easy and convenient. Depending on what you’ve agreed upon, dealers can provide you with the option of transferring the money directly to your bank account, so you don’t have to carry it around.


On the other hand, you can spend weeks upon weeks trying to sell your used car to a private vehicle buyer. And this is normal since you want to make sure that you’re dealing with the right buyer and not with some fraud. But even if you find the ideal buyer, there are still many questions that need to be answered and also the possibility that they will back out after everything.


Free Cash Quote


One of the top benefits that a dealership can offer is that they provide no-obligation car estimates for their potential clients. It’s possible to get the vehicle valuation via the phone or by taking it to the establishment yourself. You can even send them images of your car together with useful information about it.


Free Pickup or Car Removal Service


There are some dealers today that work in tandem with towing agencies and will happily offer their customers a great price as well as arranging complimentary removal upon agreeing on a deal. This can be quite handy for people who have cars that come with damages or have problems that need to be fixed. Keep in mind however that not all auto dealers provide such services.




And there you have it! Some of the best reasons and benefits why you should decide to sell your used car to a dealership today. At Brian Hilton, we can guide you throughout the process, so you don’t have to worry about everything else.


If you’re interested in selling your vehicle to us or if you have any questions, give us a call now!